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Wild Wings in Langley - Tips from your local Langley Real Estate Specialists

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Blog by Bettina Reid | April 3rd, 2015


t has been a few months since we visited Wild Wing, first because as delicious as wings are they aren't the healthiest of foods. But the other reason we hadn't visited was because we were a little skeptical as to whether or not we would get what we wanted when we ordered.

So last weekend I didn't feel like cooking after working all day and picked up Wild Wing for dinner. The last couple times we ordered take out there, we were either missing something or our meals just weren't right. I am sure much of that was because the business was very new and new businesses always have kinks to work out. Which is why I gave them another chance, that and we love their wings. I am sure I said that before. 

I did speak with the owner this time just to let him know about my previous experiences and ask for them to please ensure my order was right this time. He was very good and appreciated the feedback. Feedback good or bad is always helpful to any business owner...myself included.

I was very impressed with how the owner handled the situation. He had asked me to text him so that he could bring this to his staff. After a few texts back and forth he thanked me again for the feedback as well as for coming back to give them another chance. I let him know our meal was delicious and as we had ordered it. But what really impressed me was how well he handled the situation. He mentioned it to his wife who had been aware of a previous mistake and let him know she remembered me. He also mentioned being a family owned and run business and they were going to continue to strive to make everyone's experience better. This type of service encourages people like myself and others to want to tell others about them. 

Many times I have had friends complain about an experience they had at a local restaurant. But they never complained to that particular establishment. I used to work in the restaurant business as a server putting myself through University. If you don't give good service you don't make money. That goes not just for servers but also for managers, hostesses, owners and anyone else working in a restaurant. Because if you don't try to make things right by your customers they won't come back and they won't recommend you to others. In fact nowadays with social media, negative feedback can ruin businesses. 

If you don't voice your concern when something is not right with your meal or your experience in a restaurant then it will likely happen again since they don't know that anything is wrong. The way the restaurant handles whatever the situation is reflects how they do business and whether or not they will succeed. 

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