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Visiting Ontario - Bettina's visit

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Blog by Bettina Reid | November 1st, 2016


I came back from a week in Ontario last week visiting family and friends while my husband worked. Having grown up in Ontario, every time we have visited in the past it has always been like going home. This time it has been 6 years since our last visit and for the first time we realized it truly isn't home anymore. We are definitely west coasters now. Just like my bio says there really is no better place than having the mountains and the ocean in our back yard. Unfortunately, there are no mountains across the skyline in Ontario and the closest thing to an ocean are the great lakes. 

While visiting, the weather went from unseasonably warm to fall cold weather for our last 2 days. Drastic changes in weather are definitely not something we miss. Thankful we flew home before the snow hit and yes it did hit less than a week later in some areas. 

Now don't get me wrong Ontario has a lot to offer. My sisters and some of our closest friends are probably the biggest reason for us to stay connected with Ontario. Then there's the restaurants...Staying downtown Toronto I had dozens of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which is probably the second thing we miss the most...there are lots of chain restaurants here in BC. But not enough good quality restaurants to choose from here in the lower mainland and fraser valley. 

We were a little too early for the peak of the Fall colours which was always one of our favourite things about fall in Ontario. The colours in BC just don't compare. But we managed to find a little.

The other thing we love about Ontario, there's no other place in Canada that has an amusement park to rival Disney like Canada's Wonderland

So Ontario even though you are no longer home...we will be back to visit!