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Today is National Popcorn Day - Tips from your local Cloverdale Real Estate Specialists

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Blog by Bettina Reid | January 19th, 2017


Ok don't laugh this really is a thing! I saw something come up online and had to check it out.....and guess what January 19th is National Popcorn Day. Not only that but there's also a National Popcorn Month, but that is not until October. Who comes up with these things I wonder....

Since Popcorn is probably one of my favourite if not my favourite snack, I thought I would blog about it..A healthy snack too, that is until you put all kinds of stuff on it. I admit I do like a little butter on my popcorn sometimes...I am a sucker for "Kernels" popcorn with Salt and Vinegar on it and of course who does not love Caramel corn.

Hope everyone enjoys a little popcorn today in honour of National Popcron Day!