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Stocard - an app everyone should have...ands its FREE - tips from your local Cloverdale Specialists

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Blog by Bettina Reid | January 22nd, 2015


My family has teased me for years, if it isn't a wallet full of coupons then it's a wallet full of loyalty cards and it seems that more and more companies are going that way offering points or something. Of course, I sign up for them all....well not all of them but according to my family they think I do. 

Either way, the stack of cards I carried around was getting to be ridiculous. Months ago I downloaded stocard but for some reason never used it until about a couple months ago. Now I absolutely love it, I can leave the house with just my phone and I have everything on it. It's also great for sharing loyalty cards with members of your family so that everyone in the family benefits from the savings or points. Now you only have to have one card and everyone can scan the same card into their phone.

You can find the stocard app in the Apple Store, Windows Phone and Google Play. Unfortunately, Blackberry and Nokia users cannot access this app....and there doesn't seem to be any plans to support those phones anytime soon. (Why you should switch to an iPhone...just my little plug for Apple because I love my iPhone 6.)

Apple's Passbook app which comes loaded onto your iPhone works the same way but actually offers so much more. It can hold your movie tickets, loyalty cards, sports tickets even and my husband loves it for his boarding passes. Other compatible apps will actually download tickets and passes on their own and put them right into Passbook.

At some point this year Passbook may become the most important app to use when Apple Pay finally comes to Canada. Then with fingerprint technology using your credit cards will never be more secure....no fear of losing or having them stolen.

Check out both of these apps today and lighten your purse and/or wallet.

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