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PeriMenopause a stage in life not talked about enough - Tips from your local Cloverdale Real Estate Specialists

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Blog by Bettina Reid | August 10th, 2016


I read a blog this morning about perimenopause that prompted me to write today's blog. It has been a while since I have even had time to write with how crazy our market has been. Even though the market has slowed down a bit we are still busy...but I miss writing and have some time now to blog every once in a while. 

Most parents (Mainly Moms but some Dads too) discuss with their daughters at a very young age usually before they hit their tween years about puberty. We prepare our girls so that they are as ready as they can be for when they first get their period. Helping them to understnad all the changes in their body and the hormones they are experiencing. Now my Mom didn't exactly have that talk, but she did give me a series of booklets that talked all about what to expect. Blogger Dr. Kim Foster who writes for Yummy Mummy Club brought up a very good point in her blog.....nobody prepares us for the other end of that part of our life. In fact I really don't remember hearing about menopause or anything other than women get hot flashes and not until I became an adult, long after I had my children. 

In fact I am not sure I was even really aware of perimenopause until I started experiencing it in my late 30's. I started having night sweats and the occasional hot flashes during the day. When I went to see my Doctor he actually laughed and said I was too young, but he did agree to have me tested and it turned out my hormones were showing bordeline changes that would suggest the start of perimenopause. I honestly didn't know what to expect nor did I even think I could be going thru this. But I have been now for a few years. Night time is the worst and its hard for my husband to understand as he snuggles under a comforter each night and I am lucky to be covered up in a thin sheet to ensure a good night's sleep. 

It's funny how as a child as much as we don't like all of what we hear about going thru puberty it is a right of passage, getting your period for the first time means you have become a WOMAN. But then the reverse can be said about menopause, women dread it. We dread the unknown and thus don't want to talk about it or accept that we could be going through the early stages, which is what perimenopause is. Women will tease each other because it means we are getting older and if one is going thru it before another that makes us older than those that aren't. 

I agree with Dr. Foster we as women should embrace it more and share our stories with others. It is a normal part of our life process and not one we can avoid. Everybody goes thru it differently just as puberty hit everyone differently. We need to share what each of us have or are going thru. I understand now...I habe always been someone that can sleep the moment my head hits the pillow...But every once in a while my body won't shut down. I never used to have that problem, but have learnt that is one of the symptons. Along with mood swings and irregular bleeding (in my case heavy periods). Acne break outs just like when I was a teenager if not worse. Other symptoms can be lack of libido, vaginal dryness and urine leakage...all very uncomfortable symptons.

If it is fear of getting older that stops us from sharing more...then I refuse to fear it. I am only going to be as old as I feel. Right now I still feel pretty young for just turning 42, I am certainly not going to let perimenopause or menopause for that matter make me feel OLD!  A promise I plan to make to my girls and their children is to share and help prepare them for what is to come. I hope all of you can do the same and teach your girls to walk their girls thru both puberty and perimenopause and menopause when the time is right. 

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