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La Terrazza - Tips from your local Cloverdale Real Estate Specialists

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Blog by Bettina Reid | January 26th, 2015


This year's Dine Out Vancouver experience for my husband and I was at La Terrazza on Cambie at Pacific Boulevard in Yaletown. I've said it before ...My husband and I are big foodies. We love trying out new restaurants and can very often spend on just food what some people spend with alcohol on their bill. My husband doesn't drink at all and I only have a drink once in a while. We sometimes find we don't always get the best of service when all we order is water and coke. 

Not sure if our server had a chip on his shoulder, but he wasn't overly friendly or attentive. Although he did take my coat when we sat, which was nice...that is where the attention stopped. We did notice we weren't the only ones that didn't get much of his attention either. Perhaps that is just the kind of server that he is. The rest of the staff were very friendly, which is why we won't write off the restaurant as a whole based on one server. 

This past weekend La Terrazza was serving both the regular menu and their Dine Out Vancouver menu and the majority of the people in the restaurant seemed tp be eating off that menu. So I could be wrong but perhaps there was some pre-judgement on our server about this too. We didn't come originally because of Dine Out Vancouver in all honesty we were looking last minute and hadn't tried this place so thought we would. It did turn out to offer the Dine Out Vancouver special menu and I did order from it, although my husband did not.

Our bill came to a little over a $100 and usually we would tip at least 20%, but I could not bring myself to do so this time with the lack of service, he still got over 15% because I always round to the nearest dollar but he could have gotten more....had the service been better. Part of the reason I did tip even that amount is the hope that he has to share some of his tips with the other staff. Everyone else that attended to our table did a great job, we would hate for their small cut to have been hurt. Having worked in the industry both myself and my husband we know how hard servers work for their tips. But you do have to work for it, give excellent service and you usually will be tipped well for it...in our experience.

Dine Out Vancouver is actually a great idea and way for restaurants that usually experience a slow down after the holidays to get some business they typically wouldn't get. The food was very good, although we felt it was a little overpriced for what you get. Again we don't mind paying for a good meal, but when your prices are up there the quality of the food needs to be too! I am sure we will try them again someday, but at this point it's not on our favourite list. That isn't to say that I wouldn't recommend La Terrazza, the ambiance was nice and the food was good...you just have to be prepared to pay a little more for your meal. We have our favourite Italian restaurants that offer a lot more for less in quality and experience. For now we will likely stick to them when looking for Italian cuisine, visit some of our previous posts to see which ones.