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How to deseed a pomegranate - Tips from your local Cloverdale Realtors

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Blog by Bettina Reid | November 30th, 2013

If you enjoy eating Pomegranates then you probably don't enjoy deseeding them....

Every year I pick up a few pomegranates over the fall and winter season and often find them sitting in my fruit bowl or in the fridge for a few days if not longer dreading the thought of extracting all the seeds. Then when I do, everyone else in my house walks by taking handfuls leaving me needing to crack open another if I want to enjoy a Pomegranate myself. We all enjoy this wonderful superfood, but none of us want to go to the trouble of deseeding them.

I have tried a few different ways, the most common one...picking each individually seed out one at a time. Hoping a few come out at once. Then someone mentioned immersing them in water makes it so much easier and less juicy mess. Well to no avail, so every year when I see those big bright beautiful Pomegranates I have to buy one or two...hoping somehow I would find them magically extracted for me to enjoy. Knowing full well the only way would be to sit down and get comfy because I was going to be a while...

Until a family member shared this link (of course now I am seeing this technicque all over the place...)but figured I should share it too for all those who might have missed it. I was still skeptical until my family assured me it worked. I still didn't believe them and had to watch the youtube video to see for myself....and I was pleasantly surprised....

Yesterday morning I tried it myself and it did indeed work and in no time at all I was enjoying Pomegranate seeds in my Oatmeal for breakfast. The technique involves scoring the Pomegranate first and then gently pulling it apart then wacking the skin with a spoon allowing the seeds to pop out and into your hand over a bowl. It really is as simple as that!

To see how to properly and easily deseed a Pomegranate visit the following link for a video how to, you will not be disappointed:)

How to deseed a Pomegranate