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Happy Thanksgiving

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Blog by Bettina Reid | October 13th, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

A time to be thankful

The 1st one on my list is my best friend and husband of almost 20 years, who has supported me throughout the many paths our lives have taken and who loves me unconditionally. Without him I wouldn't be who I am today.

My 2 teenage daughters are right there on the list beside their Dad, watching them grow into amazing young women is such an honour and to know I was a part of that is a gift like no other.

Then there are my friends and family that I am thankful to have the opportunity to even if only once in a while to share our lives with. 

My team, Kara and Lisa...they are such a great asset to my business and a pleasure to work with. Which brings me to how grateful I am to have a career that I love. 

My clients, without them I would have no career. I appreciate their trust and dedication to me and my team and the relationships that we have built with each and every one of them.

Health and happiness, without these two things none of the above would be possible.

From all of us at The Bettina Reid Group we wish you a wonderful long weekend and a very Happy Thanksgiving!