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Good bye HST...hello nightmare

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Blog by Bettina Reid | April 2nd, 2013

As BC residents celebrate the passing of the HST, consumers and businesses are struggling with the return of GST. 

It seems that there are still many businesses across BC that have yet to figure out how to change their systems back to how things were before HST.

CTV reported today that a number of businesses are still charging HST. But what I find most disturbing is that consumers have to be savvy enough to know what should have GST only in order to question businesses. If they do realize they have been overcharged by paying PST on goods that do not require the tax then it is up to the consumer to take it up with the business if the tax charged is under $10 or to fill out a rebate form  in order to get the money back from the provincial government if the PST paid is over $10.


For a reminder of which items are PST exempt visit the following link:
PST exemptions

I wonder how many unsuspecting consumers will pay more tax then necessary? Be sure to check all your receipts for the next few months until things get sorted out so that you don't become one of those consumers!