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Cloverdale Mall at Cloverale Bypass and 57th

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Blog by Bettina Reid | September 5th, 2013

Cloverdale MallCloverdale Mall 1

This is exciting stuff for Cloverdale. The Cloverdale West Village Plans are moving along and pretty soon we will have condos to townhomes and mixed-use commercial-residential buildings at the Cloverdale Bypass and 57th. The big ticket item is the new Cloverdale Legion. It will be part of phase 1, built will be a 5-storey multi-family residential mixed-use building. I am looking forward to the face lift for Cloverdale. I already love what has been done with the Brickyard across the street. I know there are people who will be uncomfortable with the change but overall everyone has to agree it is better than a vacant lot. Urban sprawl is un-stoppable so lets embrace and enjoy! What do you think about the new developments in downtown Cloverdale? Have they been beneficial? Would you have liked to see some things done differently? I am a Cloverdale gal, having grown up in this area and seeing all the changes I feel Cloverdale is becoming a desired place to live for young families. A great sense of community, enjoyable surroundings and affordable living. I am biased I know, but hey at least I own it. 


Looking forward to the feedback. 



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