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Cineplex Theatres and Pizza Pizza - Tips from your local Langley Real Estate Specialists

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Blog by Bettina Reid | May 29th, 2015


If you are from Ontario you will surely recognize the above logo for one of the best fast food Pizza places. Here in BC we are lucky to have Pizza Pizza being offered in our local Cineplex Cinema Langley. But not all of the Cineplex theatres offer Pizza Pizza. Many have changed to Panago...which simply does not compare.

Perhaps its because we are from Ontario but we really missed a good pizza place here. Most places here don't actually use a pizza oven they use conveyer belts to pump out pizza...which is just not the same. The best pizza we have found is in White Rock - Emilio Finati's and then there's Famoso Pizza in South Surrey. But they are a little too far on nights like tonight when I don't get home from work until late and want to pick up pizza. Since moving to Langley we have discovered living close to the movie theatre has one major benefit...being able to pick up a large pizza to take home to the family for dinner. With our scene card it really isn't any different, maybe even cheaper then any of the other local pizza joints and we all love the pizza. Although we do get a few funny looks as we take our pizza out of the theatres instead of into a theatre to watch a movie. 

If you live in Langley, next time you want to pick up a basic cheese, pepperoni or Hawaiian Pizza...consider popping in to Cineplex and 10- 15 minutes later you will get to take home a fresh pizza for the whole family!