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7th Annual Vancouver Water Fight - Tips from your local Cloverdale Realtors

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Blog by Bettina Reid | August 10th, 2013

Water fight

If Blueberry Festivals aren't your cup of tea...but your still looking for something fun to do this weekend. Check out the 7th annual Vancouver Water Fight at Lumbermans Arch in Stanley Park this Saturday at 1pm. Who doesn't love a good water fight? With this gorgeous hot weather we have been experiencing there's no better way to cool off and enjoy the day then to plan on getting soaked in a massive water fight. 

They have even set up Facebook Pages to help promote the event:
FB Vancouver Water Fight

Believe it or not there is a code of conduct, see below for details before heading out for an afternoon of fun at Vancouver's 7th Annual Water Fight:

Code of Conduct:

1) This is a water fight - don't bring any other weapons apart from water pistols. WATER BOMBS ARE MESSY SO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF - littering is a crime and we love out planet.

2) We are not going to be your parents, nor are we going to be the police. If you see some one doing something stupid tell them to stop - if you're doing something stupid - don't. You're going to ruin it and this has the potential to be a massive laugh.

3) Dress for the occasion, you're going to get WET! Shorts, bikinis, flippers, floaty arm bands, whatever?

4) Don't terrorise the public. If they want to get involved, let them. THIS IS AN OPEN INVITATION.

5) Don't bring cameras. They're going to get wet and DON'T come complaining when they don't work. There will be plenty of other people involved devoted to taking pictures. And while we're on the subject, put your cell phone in a ziploc if you want it to live through the day.

6) This is a LAUGH, don't take it too seriously, and don't beat each other up over it (close up shooting and all that).

7) Don't leave any mess behind!!! I'M LOOKING AT YOU ESPECIALLY, WATER-BALLOONERS. We come and then go (the place looks the same as it does when we came, that includes plastic bottles, etc).


9) Please try not to use more water than you have to - preserve your supplies. Remember there could be a water ban this summer.

10) If anyone asks who's organised it - we all happened to be in the same place at the same time. Amazing, isn't it?

11) No dyed water - it stains cloths AND it could stain the pavements. Not good, it's vandalism.