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Who doesn't like FREE movies???

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Blog by Bettina Reid | September 20th, 2012

SceneMention the word FREE and people pay attention...it's only human nature. :)

I've blogged about Scene Cards before and after reading another blog today figured it was worth blogging about it again. Especially with how costly it can be going to the movies, if you could save money and earn FREE movies than why wouldn't you get a Scene card. There's no catch, no cost for the card and you can start using the card as soon as you sign up online.
I should be a spokesperson for them because I will tell just about anyone...again because who doesn't love FREE stuff. When I'm at the theatres if the person in front of me at the concession stand doesn't have a Scene card, I usually offer up mine and recommend they get their own.

Using your Scene card when buying your snacks will save you 10% right away and even earn you points when you purchase a combo. Everytime you buy an adult ticket you earn 100 points and 50 points for a children's ticket. Once you have reached 1000 points you can redeem them for a free movie pass. We recently discovered you can use your FREE movie at the new VIP theatres where the cost of a movie ticket is $19.50 a ticket. If you haven't been, next time you are out with friends or on a date with your husband...I highly recommend checking out the VIP theatre near you.

Recently Scene started offering card holders an additional 10% off of Cheap Tuesday tickets. Another great reason to sign up for a card.

Even better if you are a Scotiabank account holder and get their special Scene debit or Visa card, you can earn points even faster. So much so, that since we signed up for the card we have been to well over a 100 FREE movies in the last 5 years. We enjoy our movies and probably go to the movies at least twice a month or more...it really doesn't take long to rack up the points. Again, I drive my teenage daughters crazy when I see someone with a Scotiabank card and it's not a Scene card, I feel obliged to let them know they could be earning points for FREE movies and recommend they exchange their plain card next time they are in a branch. :) 

Just for signing up for the Scene card all by itself, you will earn 250 points.

If you sign up for a Scene Scotiabank debit card you will automatically get a FREE movie by earning 1000 points. I just read online that for a limited time you will earn 4000 points when you sign up for a Scene VISA card. Check out the Scene website today for all the details.

As well, for your chance to win another 2000 points (which remember means 2 FREE movies) visit the Yummy Mummy Club website.

When I was a teenager I used to watch the founder of the Yummy Mummy Club - Erica Ehm who was a VJ on Much Music. About a year ago I discovered her Yummy Mummy Club blog and now follow her tweets. But it was a blogger from her Yummy Mummy Club  page that blogged about getting FREE movies herself that prompted me to share for the same reason. (Yummy Mummy club.ca is all about empowering mothers who long to be spoken to as someone who is more than "just somebody's mom".) Erica Ehm

If you love going to the movies and you don't have a Scene card, make sure you sign up for one TODAY!