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What to do with all that Candy....Tips from your local South Surrey/White Rock Realtors

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Blog by Bettina Reid | November 3rd, 2014

I came across an article after Halloween this weekend on a Mommy blogger site that I am a part of the "Yummy Mummy Club". They had some great tips for all of that candy that most kids never end up eating. Or, that we don't want the kids to eat. :)

If your house is anything like my household, if it didn't get eaten by the kids...it was eaten by my husband and myself. After eating way too much, in order to no longer have to worry about temptation I would just throw it all out.

What I have done with the chocolate...because I know how hard it is to throw chocolate away. I would toss it in a ziploc bag and throw it in the freezer. Then either take it out when I remembered it was there for a little treat or the treats like smarties and M&M's were baked into cookies instead of chocolate chips.

For more great ideas on what to do with all those treats visit the following link:

Yummy Mummy Club