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Saying Good Bye to your family Pet is never easy

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Blog by Bettina Reid | February 26th, 2015


Last week my Aunt and Uncle had to say Good bye to a very dear member of their family, their longtime pet - Ryder. It is never an easy decision to make but they knew it was time, as he was quite old and his body was failing him. 

My family was referred to a local Veteranarian's office - BC Animal Hospital  and they offered to come to their home to help Ryder pass peacefully in the comfort of his own home instead of a clinical office. Most people would want to die in the comfort of their own home surrounded by their family, I can only imagine how much more calming it would be for a pet to pass in their own home surrounded by the ones they love. In his last days, we figure he knew it was time as he sensed the family's sadness and showered them with love.

Dr. Brandon Chan the owner and operator of the BC Animal Hospital helped the family through one of the most difficult decisions they ever had to make. When my grandfather passed away last year I talked about how it was an honour and a privilege to have been a part of that experience. I think that was how my Aunt and Uncle felt, Dr. Chan walked them through the process and let them be with Ryder until the end. Even though I was not there, I am sure there were tears of love and loss...but I am also sure he made them feel at peace with their decision.

I only wish when our dog - Spencer passed away 10 years ago that we had that service. To have let him go in our home instead of having to take our 8 year old daughter to a cold clinic...where even though they did their best to try and make us all comfortable. There really is no way to be comfortable when you aren't in your own surroundings. 

There was another service offered that we would have loved....BC Animal Hospital works with another company for Cremation services Paws to Remember where they offer a variety of cost effective and environmentally friendly cremation options. But more importantly they will take imprints of your pets paws and make "Paw print castings" for families to have a special piece of their loved pet forever. For many the ashes are important, for me I think the castings would mean that much more. I highly recommend if your veteranarian doesn't already work with Paws to Remember that you insist they do for you and your pet when the time comes. If your veteranarian doesn't offer home visits to help on that difficult time then I would highly recommend contacting Dr. Chan at the BC Animal Hospital

RIP Ryder, you are already dearly missed.