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Insanity Asylum...I truly think we've gone insane!

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Blog by Bettina Reid | August 23rd, 2012

For some people working out is like a drug, gives you that adrenaline boost and leaves you wanting more.... Well I enjoy working out, I cannot say I have enjoyed the Insanity program...but it has definitely shaped my body.

Anyone reading this and those that know me have wondered why do I need to do a workout like this. I certainly wasn't doing it to lose weight and in fact I have gained in muscle mass. I did it primarily to support my hubby and for myself to get in shape health wise. I have been bugging him to do something and have always told him I would join him in whatever it was that he wanted to do. ( I really only thought he would suggest swimming or something a few times a week,not full out, heavy duty workout 6 dyas a week for 60 days straight.)

I have always eaten well, but wow this has really made me eat even better. Never realized just how hard it is to eat 2500 healthy calories in a day. I struggle to get over the 2000 mark.

So as we near the end of the Insanity 60 day challenge with just over a week to go, we have just committed ourselves to another 30 days of craziness. LOL My husband hasn't quite reached his goal, although has been doing amazing. But since he isn't where he wants to be has has suggested we go to the next level and try Insanity- Asylum. I am so very proud of him, to have gone from never working out and hating it (not that he enjoys doing it, but I figure if this is his mid life crisis..I will take it. LOL) I am very proud of him making the decision to be healthy, not only by working out but by eating healthy too! I love him but had my doubts that he would make it, simply because I know how much he hates to work out. But he has not only made it but has sought out where we go next with this and how he wants to maintain once he reaches his goals. I will gladly join him for the ride....although I have to say I'm not too sure if I can handle Shaun T say "Dig Deeper" too much longer...:)

If you want to see just how crazy we are and where we go next with our workouts click on the following link

Insanity - Asylum