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Paying for air ...

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Blog by Bettina Reid | January 22nd, 2013

Husky Air Pump

Recently I noticed the air in my tire was a bit low. It had been a long time since I had to deal with putting air in my tire and I had forgotten that most gas stations now charge a fee to use the air and water pumps. It is totally absurd that this has become the norm. I absolutely despise this and think the use of air and water should be a complementary service at gas stations. That being said if I must pay I would rather it go to a good cause then into the pockets of big oil corporations. I may be a little extreme in my thinking but this is truly how I feel. So you will appreciate my surprise and willingness to pay when I tell you about this super awesome partnership Husky Energy has with Habitat for Humanity. When I pulled up to the pump behind the Cloverdale Husky Mohawk gas station on 176th and #10 Hwy and jumped out to see what ridiculous fee they were charging I noticed the sign on the pump that said ....

Air Pump

Husky Energy Proudly Supports Habitat for Humanity. I think every gas station should be doing something like this. It made feeding the machine my money easier knowing it was going to a good cause.

Tells us what you think about gas stations charging a fee for water and air. Also how do you feel about Husky partnering up with this worthy cause?... 

You can check out more info at http://www.habitatwk.ca/news_husky.html