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Christmas Hampers and The Spirit of Giving

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Blog by Bettina Reid | December 19th, 2012

Christmas Hampers 2012

Once again it is that time of year...a time to give back, a time to help make Christmas special for families in need.
Every year at this time our office - HomeLife Benchmark Realty Cloverdale and the Pacific Titans Hockey Academy rally together for a month before Christmas and raise funds to help support the Surrey and Langley Christmas bureaus.

This year we helped to provide Christmas Hampers for 3 families...but more importantly we helped to keep the spirit of Christmas alive for the children in those families. Tonight we delivered the Christmas Hampers and every year I am torn with excitement at giving and the emotions that well up as we deliver the hampers and meet the families. Everyone's story is different...tonight we met single Moms struggling to make ends meet. From a cancer survivor trying to find work to a Mom who finds it challenging to provide the right diet for her diabetic son. 

Christmas is a time of giving, I challenge everyone out there to give back in some way. Whether it is helping a person carry in their groceries or paying for someone's order in the drive through, anything that brings a smile to someone's face. That is what the Spirit of Christmas is all about!