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A Harvard education isn't just for the wealthy..

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Blog by Bettina Reid | October 9th, 2012

HarvardYesterday was a bittersweet day for my husband and I as our eldest daughter put in her application for Harvard University....

We have always taught our children to reach for the stars and dream big...but we never expected our daughter to dream that big. We want to encourage her but at the same time fear sending her off on her own at such a young age to a place so far away...

Her dream began one day about 3 years ago when she came down the stairs and said she wanted to become a surgeon and that she wanted to go to Harvard. At 13 years old we certainly didn't discourage her...but more because we figured it was a childhood dream, that we were sure would change a few times before she graduated.

In 2010 we planned a family trip to New York and Boston in order to check out some of the Univeristies in the area. Namely Harvard, but we also toured Yale and another smaller one that had shown some interest in her - Bard University. Her Dad and I really enjoyed the undergrad tours and learning about how the Universities run. So much so, because what we thought would be so unattainable due to cost we found out was not the case. 

Most of the Ivy League schools in the United States run the same kind of financial aid programs. We learned that summer that we weren't wrong in encouraging our daughter to dream big and we encourage other parents to do the same. Most people would say that the approximate $55,000 tuition is just not possible for their families to be able to support...especially if you have more than one child. But what is interesting for Harvard, Yale and some of the others is that their goal if you are accepted is to find a way for the student to attend. When we visited, our tour guides were all students with full rides. Which meant they came from low income families.

There are no athletic, academic or merit based scholarships awarded. Financial aid is provided on a need basis. In fact the amazing thing about Harvard and some of the others is that should your child get accepted and your family income is less than $60,000...your child can go to Harvard for FREE!!! You read that right, FREE. Click on the following link to see for yourself:


Financial aid is not only provided to low income families, in fact a large number of students in need of aid have gross family income of over $60,000.

Will you encourage your children to reach for the stars and if their grades warrant it reach for an ivy league education?

67 days and counting until we find out if she made it in...