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Blog by Bettina Reid | August 8th, 2012

Growing up in Ontario, thunderstorms were a regular summer occurrence. I used to love watching the lightning and listening to the thunder crack in the sky. I was never afraid of them, maybe because my grandmother used to say that "God was bowling (which was why we could hear thunder as the ball rolled down the lane) and every time the lighting struck...he literally got a strike and knocked down all the pins." The stories people tell...:)

My grandmother always lived in an apartment building and we were always told to stay away from the windows. But with being up higher the view was spectacular and we loved to watch as the storm came in. We would count down the time between the strike of lightning and the crack of thunder. The closer they were together the closer the storm was. 

I love living in beautiful British Columbia, but there will always be a few things I miss about Ontario and thunderstorms are one of them. It was something else to listen to the storm coming in, catching the flash of lightning and listening to the loud cracks of thunder.

My poor pooch on the other hand was terrified of the thunderstorm and glued to us all night! :)

I heard today too that the thunderstorm was truly a rare thing for BC, happening only once in a decade like the storm we had last night. I look forward to the next one whenever that might be! :)