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Real Estate Signs cost us money...

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Blog by Bettina Reid | June 16th, 2012

Very frustrated!!!

With having a new team member, I just purchased a whole lot of new signs. Only to find one already gone missing. In all honesty I have been quite shocked that these directional signs have lasted a couple weeks. But the reason for my frustration this time is that we noticed a homeowner mowing the boulevard and had pulled out the sign. Fair enough....we figured when they were done they would pop it back in the ground. Well that was not the case, it was never put back into the ground. If you do not like the sign on the boulevard by your home. No problem, I can appreciate that and would gladly remove it and place elsewhere or not at all. Give us a call and we will pick up the sign. But please do not throw the sign in the garbage.

That is exactly what this home owner did. I was furious, these directional signs cost us $30 a piece and they are not only a great source of marketing for us but they do what they are supposed to do and direct people to our clients properties that are for sale.

So, I ask you please the next time you aren't happy with a sign being near your home. Give us a call, we're home owners too and can appreciate it if you don't like the sign.