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A picture is worth a thousand words

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Blog by Bettina Reid | September 5th, 2012

We just received feedback from a realtor that had shown one of our clients properties yesterday and the one comment they made that really struck me was how well cared for and maintained our clients home was. The photos that SeeVirtual360's photographers took, showcased our clients property accurately. The Buyers commented that they could tell our Sellers really wanted to sell their home. Many times we take our clients through homes that you wouldn't think should be on the market as they are left in disarray, dirty and cluttered.

Whomever you hire to sell your home, insist they hire a professional to photograph your home. As my blog title says "A picture truly is worth a thousand words". Photographers are trained to set the right kind of lighting and to remove certain things from a room or take photos from the right angle. A simple point and shoot is not enough in today's market.

First impressions are huge and setting the stage is important.

When I came across this article I thought it was important to share.


If you are looking to sell, we at the Bettina Reid Group pride oursleves in helping you to prepare your home for sale. We have SeeVirtual360 photographers shoot all of our clients homes and we will be sure to showcase your home to get it sold and help you make your next move!