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Blog by Bettina Reid | March 6th, 2009

I just read a really great article on FASD. For those of you not familiar with the term, FASD is Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. A year and a half ago I would not have known what it meant either. It wasn't until my husband and I adopted almost a year ago now, that we truly started to understand the disorder. Perhaps understand isn't even quite the right word to say. As we are always learning more and more what it means to our family. Each and every child is affected differently. They still do not know exactly how much alcohol it takes or during what period of the pregnancy that consumption takes place as to how much a child will be affected. It has been labelled an invisible disease because like with our daughter on the outside she looks like your average pre-teen. She is a sweetheart and spend a few minutes with her and you will not think otherwise. Spend a period of time with her and it's the little things she cannot quite understand or grasp. Common sense does not always apply and socail cues are missed. Many times she is her age and other times she is developmentally younger. To read more ckick on the following link: http://www.parentcentral.ca/parent/article/595043