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Racism is never acceptable

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Blog by Bettina Reid | December 1st, 2009

My family and I were in Fort Langley this past weekend. Very often we stroll through the town, visting the various little shops and finding many great items. Our favourite shop is probably Montage, my children would probably say the Sweet shop...:) But this weekend we were appalled at what we saw outside hanging on the store front at "Antiques, Gifts & Collectibles". An old sign stating "Coloured washrooms this way with an arrow" selling for $45. They understood it would cause some controversy by putting up a disclaimer to say they are not racist, that it is a collectible....I have to strongly disagree. If you feel you have to put up a disclaimer, perhaps it is not a very appropriate sign not only to display but to even sell.

Imagine the type of person that would buy an item like that. Imagine an older African Canadian person walking by the store and having gone through this all those years ago and just how they would feel seeing a sign of such nature. There are many dispicable things that are antiques, it does not mean they should be given their weight and be put on display to sell. To see them in a museum that depicts the times...no problem. To see it being sold in a store where I had to explain to my child "no there are no longer washrooms that discrimate as such". I will never again browse or shop in that store again and strongly suggest others think about whether they think it is a business they would like to support! I challenge anyone to disagree with me!